Mens Plain Stoma Belt with ZIP
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Mens Plain Stoma Belt

Mens w Zip Blk

Mens W Zip wht

Mens Plain Stoma Belt with ZIP

Mens Plain Stoma Belt with Zip

The function belt is delivered with a hole for the stoma locking ring or other stoma bag connections
If necessary this hole can be cut bigger with scissors between the stitched seams to the correct size needed
It is important to cut within the seams only

1: Place the function belt with the lock facing away from the body onto the already fixed stoma bag.
    close the Velcro and rotate the belt until the pocket of the belt is placed over the stoma bag
2: If necessary, you can cut the inside of the stoma pocket individually larger.
    Close the hook between the skin plate and stoma bag .
3: Lay out the stoma bag flat inside the function belt pocket
4: To adjust the length of the stoma bag wrap the end up and close the pocket with the zipper
5: The function belt can be washed with mild detergent in lukewarm water by hand or in the washing machine (clothing Bag) at 40° 
    Please close the velcro before washing.
    For drying please open the velcro and lay out the belt
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