ArmRx Leg Glove
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ArmRx Leg Glove

ArmRx Leg Glove

ArmRx Leg Glove


ArmRx Leg Gloves are non-sterile clear polythene protectors that have been designed for convenient and safe "single user" applications in all possible situations - private residential, nursing care or clinical scenarios - at home or in care homes or in hospitals.


The ArmRx leg & foot protectors (leg gloves) are simple and easy to fit - it takes only 30 seconds to secure them in place without any assistance or at most with only minimal help. They are soft, comfortable and non-restrictive, allowing the users to retain their normal limb mobility and function at all times.



ArmRx Leg Gloves help to provide a totally effective wound care protection, whilst offering the freedom, the convenience, the privacy and the comfort of unrestricted personal hygiene. To protect leg with ArmRx - you need to fit a leg glove and secure it in place with 2 straps.


ArmRx Leg Gloves Single Packs consists of 1 clear polythene legging and a set of 2 adjustable 'hook and loop' straps. The leggings are intended for a single user only - which means that used leggings must not be passed from one person to another for important hygienic reasons. The leggings/ leg gloves are disposable, however, this does not translate that they must be always discarded after a single use. The leggings are made from a robust clear polythene and can withstand more than one bath or one shower, if appropriately cleaned, dried and stored between re-uses. In the interest of hygiene and to prevent potential cross infections - you must ensure that the 'Single User Only' rule is always observed!


ArmRx Leg Glove Single Pack of 1 includes:


2 'hook and loop' straps


1 disposable legging in universal adjustable size


2 adjustable 'hook and loop' straps


Compatible with either leg (left and right)


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